1. Keep FAMILY BUSINESS in the family- Long & Strong
  2. Growth for Certain in Uncertain times
  3. Dawning of Innovative paradigms in Managing business
  4. Effective Communication for super success.
  5. Elite Management Communication
  6. Management & Supervision in dynamic world today
  7. Negotiating globally and Locally with anyone
  8. Critical Criteria for Business Excellence
  9. “Empower Women now!”-Challenges and opportunities
  10. Smart response to Global Warming- “Grow factories in garden”!
  11. Disruptive Innovation-DI and be fiercely competitive
  12. The Leadership-
  13. Strategic Planning –in real world
  14. Marketing Globally
  15. DiSC- Latest tool to see how fit you are with team


  1. CREATIVITY –unleash your niche potentials
  2. Smart communities
  3. Personality Development Program
  4. Boot camp: “Get Hired!” Improve Your Employability Skills
  5. Managing YOU to manage your time asset
  6. Speak and write True Business English
  7. Corporate Etiquettes

FOR DIVERSE BUSINESSES: (Healthcare, Education, hospitality, mfg & retail)

  1. Save your business- BCM/DM-Disaster management-Plan & Implement for continuity
  2. Excellence Criteria in Education Excellence, hospitality, Manufacturing and Healthcare
  3. DI Disruptive Innovation- Health care
  4. DI- Finance
  5. DI- Hospitality Industry
  6. Productive CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility-Model Corp Governance
  7. Organizational Excellence
  8. Superior supermarket-Unlimited possibilities


  1. Power of Positive thinking
  2. Wealth creation- Smart ways to get rich fast.
  3. Excellence in Parenting -Toddler to Teenager
  4. Undress your stress!
  5. Emailing Excellence
  6. Destination – Optimal Health
  7. How to live content life-Find pleasures
  8. FIVE blinders responsible for global management crisis