Pithadia Foundation:  A Profile


Mentor, coach and promote organizations in their pursuit of Best Business Practices globally at local point of operation.

Mission Statement

As a non-profit global foundation, provide world-wide platform in deploying world renowned practices and criteria for Lean, Clean, Winning and Responsible organizations committed to all the stakeholders.


People in forefront

  1. Organization for people and community, giving collective vision & synergy, sharing prosperity in diverse opportunities.
  2. Initiate and promote Best Business Processes and bring the energy where needed the most.
  3. Mentor, Coach, and Practice Business Excellence & Personal Excellence locally and globally.

Productivity and Quality

  1. Establish system to identify and celebrate community/national role models in all types and sizes of organizations: Business, Health care, Education and service industry.
  2. Promote opportunities for gainful employment to afford basic needs, celebrate role model individuals for Personal Excellence.
  3. Harness youth into Holistic Cooperative Socio-Economic Movements, provide life values enhancement lessons early enough shared through seniors and concerned.


  1. Promote not the “spend-away culture” and harness excess to allow basics of living for one without access.
  2. Initiate, and team up with programs supporting: provision for school, Post office, Clinic, Waste management, Banking, Potable water supply, Electricity, Paved road access and Railroad access enabling "Connect rural with urban" in a nodal interconnect.
  3. Promote Stress busters and agitation calmness: promote meaningful living together in harmony, peace and non-excess.


  1. Raise Awareness for: Reuse and Recycle. Discard Redundancy, Inefficiency and Waste from systems in daily Personal and Community peripherals and events.
  2. Promote means for affordable and efficient education system for women, children, seniors and all willing.