Our Leadership

Dilip Pithadia

Chairman: Mr. Dilip K. Pithadia
Pithadia Foundation, Detroit, USA

  • Born, raised in India.
  • In USA for over 35 years.
  • His core education is Electronics Engineering with Business Management from Ford Management Training Center, Dearborn Michigan, USA.


CY 2006: Honored for “Outstanding Services to Nation” by Sec of Commerce, United States of America.

CY 2006: Appointed as National Ambassador for Quality by Dept of Commerce, Govt of United States.

On Board of Examiners for MBNQA, Dept of Commerce, Govt of United States.
On Board of Examiners with MQC (Michigan State Business Excellence Promotion Council).

Member of Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO standards.
The Youngest member of Indian Standardization Committee in 1977.


- US Patent holder.

- Held management positions in US Corporations: Small, Medium and Large.

- Over 35 years of diverse worldwide business management exposure in Manufacturing, Sales/ marketing, Project/Program management, Global Supply Chain Management, Design/Development and teaching at Indian and US Universities.

- Received Ford Motor Co’s Presidents’ exclusive Awards for Excellence -for four years back to back 1995 through 1998.

- Traveled extensively and regularly to Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Mexico, Canada, South America and Caribbean on business.

- His strong attribute is PR expertise at global level through his personal communicative and one-on-one relationship with many Corporate heads, Country heads, and Institutional leaders, Senior Political leaders and Corporate leaders such as: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Mr. John Howard, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, SG -UNO, Paul D. Wolfowitz, ex -president, World Bank, Mr. George Bush, The president, United States, Mr. Richard B. Cheney, VP, Dr. William Jeffery, Dir of NIST, Dr. Harry Hertz, Dir of Malcolm Baldrige, Mr. Robert Cresanti, ex-undersecretary of commerce, Heads of CII/FICCI: Premium Institutions in India, Ashok Leyland Chairman, Group President of Reliance Industries, Chairman -Amul Dairy and many more.


- He is chairman of Pithadia Foundation, a non -profit Organization registered in USA.
Mr. Pithadia is Speaker/consultant and Business coach. At Pithadia Foundation, We offer Best Business Practices consulting in Manufacturing / Service sectors, Hospitality industry, Health care provider, and Education institutions.

-In recent times, Mr. Pithadia has been awarded twice in Washington DC for "Outstanding services to Nation" by Secretary of commerce. The ceremony was attended by President/VP.

-In India, he was invited by Mr. Narendra D. Modi, Sonia Gandhi, and had his one-on-one meeting with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam personally discussing Indian National Quality Movement. He had state level with CMs such as Bhupindersingh Hooda, Narendarbhai Modi, V. Deshmukh, corporate leaders from Reliance, Ashok Leyland, Amul, Suzlon, Nirma and Institutional heads from CII, FICCI, PHDCCI.

-Internationally, he has networked with heads of nations as well: Mr. John Howard, Madam Helen Clark, Lee Hsien Loong, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Kofi Annan for initiating Asian Consortium on Quality.


- He has passion to contribute to the Industry and commerce in excelling their profits and productivity in fiercely competitive global economy. Every year, he is invited in India and he coaches/speaks to local corporate leaders in eliminating waste, inefficiency and redundancy from the business processes. He preaches his own success mantras: Innovation, agility, and transparency.

- Today, Business community is witnessing unprecedented turbulent times. It is double whammy of Global Economic crisis and Terrorism. Mental model for success needs recalibration of the way we do business. New paradigm to corporate culture need to be infused. Mr. Pithadia is untiringly teaching Best Practices to accomplish Business Excellence.

- You are welcome to invite him for one-on-one, on-site work-shop or classroom presentation. He offers diverse range of complex management topics –in simplified format. He shares insights, observations, and knowledge from his 35 plus years of experience helping organizations optimize performance and results. His core philosophy is simplicity of material that generates ideas for instant application in your business processes. His style is graceful, he is charismatic speaker and has ability to keep engaged audience in wow spell. His specialty is turning around and rejuvenating organizations to face the new age contemporary challenges.