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World class Event : Executive Coaching and Retreat

Join us to Learn, Discover, Collaborate, and Unwind

Organized by :

  • 1. Pithadia Foundation USA
  • 2. DMICS, Hyderabad, India

Event Topic :

  • 21st Century Executive Leadership Skills and Turnaround Leadership.

Event Date & Place:

  • Nov, 27 2018 to Nov, 30 2018, GOA
Dilip Bhai

Why attend :

  • Meet and connect with other executives, brilliant managers from India  and across the Globe and discuss the unique challenges faced by leaders. This course encourages self-reflection and an excellent platform for interactive sharing and learning.provides a “safe” place for sharing and learning.

Dilip K Pithadia

Chair Pithadia Foundation USA, 100,000 plus leaders trained.


Ms. Navneet Sandhu

Internationally Credible Leadership Coach, from Canada.



Tarunjit is an executive coach who engages with organisations to facilitate breakthroughs in performance.


Shaakun Khanna

A highly sought after Leadership Coach & HR Transformation expert in Asia.

  • Tools to help you build the strength of your leadership and a renewed resolve to face the future with greater confidence and skills.
  • Privately assess your authentic leadership level, do a gap study and identify fault lines.
  • Review your latest 21st Century leadership skills/we will cover must have Digital World skills too.
  • Indian corporate world (Public-Private) scenario-Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Video and discussion on Leadership Success pointers from world leaders
  • New skills and strategies for communicating effectively.
  • Global negotiating  skills enhancement
  • Billionaire Millennial run organizations- Internal secrets- 6 senses for optimized organization.
  • Learn latest challenges and opportunities in Family businesses.
  • Bonus topic on TA-LEADERSHIP- If you sail in rough waters, this will immensely alleviate pains- It is for leaders Turning Around Company to higher ground.
  • New ideas and energy from collaborating and innovating with select group of peers through group discussions, and valuable time spent in and outside of formal sessions.
Success in today’s rapidly changing global economy requires a sophisticated tool set, which is exactly what our event features will enable:

Return on your investment will not be short lived but  ongoing for a life time.

  • Inclusion in an international executive network in India, as well as international management perspectives.
  • World-class coaches known for their career distinction, National and International accolades, long globally exposed multi cultural exposure, management expertise, and accessibility.
  • Curriculum rooted in leadership development and innovation, including simple theories and detailed interactions.
  • Knowledge and tools you apply immediately to your business challenges.
  • High-achieving, collaborative cohorts with years of collective professional experience.
  • Peer group learning through interactive methods- and ample of networking opportunities.
  • Open minded, open class forum and fun packed learning are irreplaceable features of our event enabling fast absorption of learning.

Nov- Dec- Feb- timing :

  • These timings are perfect for Retreat- unwinding. That adds on to making our event learning conducive.

Simple, most relevant and diverse contents :

  • Comparable courses are offered by Ivy League colleges like Harvard Business School (HBS) American Management Association (AMA), Cornell, Yale, Wharton, IIM- Kolkata, AMA India, Stanford and others - Their courses in leadership education are narrow in content-structured,  highly theoretical, and barely user friendly.  Our sessions will focus only on YOU and YOUR needs from start to end. It is a resource pool of CXOs aiming for problem and solutions discussions, individual interactions and a gold mine for CXO level networking opportunities.

Real life stories and pointers :

  • Our event comes with real life stories of globally recognized successful leaders through their videos; researched & compiled especially for you!  And they don’t do pep talk but provide practical success pointers worth a fortune in business.

Unique TA leadership sub topic-Currently In high demand :

  • Our executive leadership event has unique sub topic -rarely found anywhere. It is Leadership for Turning Around Sick Business. What are their unique ways of managing business that most leaders don’t know.  We will share case studies of genuine turn arounds including detailed style of Alan Mulally who turned around a Ford Motors in 2006. We will have dedicated contents from our research on that.

Inspiring and fun Learning environment :

  • One cannot absorb learning well if he/she is not in inspiring environment. Our learning environment is fun, participative, hand on and our focus is also on unwinding. We took that challenge head on. Our Event has that entire exquisite fun package: touring, outdoor class, happy hour under stars, it’s unparalleled absolutely.

Mega returns at midget investment/Fees :

  • Just a little comparison will definitely bring smart smiles. Wow we have kept your investment/fees less than 1/4th compared to similar events offered by educators in Asia, USA and Europe. Also our fees includes everything; hotel, catering and sightseeing. That makes ours not just affordable but extremely desirable too. It is so attractive that your spouse or partner will also accompany you at highly the discounted rates.
Simply said there is no comparison to our executive leadership education event. which is indeed in a league of its own.

For more details call on : 08886 824 281 | 09703 273 582